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   Fundraising with Brownie Fudge Cakes

Our Brownie Fudge Cakes are so rich and fudgey, like no others! We use only the finest quality ingredients, with no added fillers or preservatives. The rich center melts when microwaved. Whether you are a fan of rich, silky milk chocolate, or you prefer creamy peanut butter, our Brownie Fudge Cakes are sure to satisfy any chocolate connoisseur.

Our delicious Brownie Fudge Cake fundraisers have helped thousands of schools, churches, cheerleaders, little leagues, soccer teams and other non-profit organizations raise funds in a new, exciting & unique way!

Your fundraiser will be much SWEETER with Brownie Fudge Cakes! They will melt hearts!

brownie fudge cake fundraising
  • Restaurant quality, home convenience!
  • No artificial additives, preservatives or fillers are added.
  • Packed in resealable containers with 5 individually wrapped fudge cakes.
  • Available with creamy peanut butter or delicious chocolate center.



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