Savory Foods, Inc.
 900 Hynes S.W.
 Grand Rapids MI 49507
 (616) 241-2583
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Our Mailing Address:
Savory Foods, Inc.
900 Hynes SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Need More Information?:
It's one of the most profitable & successful fund-raisers you'll ever have. Need more materials to review or present to others?
Click here to have an information packet mailed to you.

Looking for More Cookie Dough?:
Our fresh popcorn and cookie dough is sold exclusively through fundraisers and is not available to purchase by individuals or through retail outlets.

Click here for information on how to host a sale.

Quality Control :
Savory Foods is proud of our highest quality standards. Our quality control systems are amoung the highest in the industry. However, from time to time a customer may have a comment or a concern about our products. We want to hear about it! Click Here To File a Quality Control Report!


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