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Popcorn Fundraiser

A Popcorn Fundraiser that Pops Huge Rewards

popcorn fundraiser

Popcorn fundraisers are one of the most popular and effective methods of raising funds for cheerleading groups, churches, schools and sports teams. We are so much more then a simple popcorn fundraiser - we are a gourmet caramel corn fundraiser. Your family, friends and purchasers will thank you when they test our unbelievable caramel corn! Like many fundraisers, they require a few weeks of order taking and money collection followed by order placement. Tubs of gourmet caramel corn are then delivered in 1 to 2 weeks for fulfillment. It’s easy, fun to sell, and fun to eat.

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Similar to most fundraisers, you and your team of volunteers will need to collect orders and money before placing your order with us. We provide all the tools you need, including:

  • Providing virtual online solutions
  • Your own fundraising coach to help you choose the perfect program and finalize sign-up.
  • Credit card collection so you never have to touch or collect cash.
  • Sales Dashboard - Free online sales tally software to track and place your order
Once your orders are complete in the tally program, your order will be placed and will arrive to you about 3 weeks later.

We offer a gourmet product. Our home-style caramel corn is made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients and produced with the highest quality standards. Savory Foods recipes remain unchanged after 25 years. In fact, our small batch caramel corn is popped with premium kernels and hand tossed in old fashioned caramel. We then finish each batch with the perfect amount of seasonings and toppings. Our customers come back year after year -- many have used Savory foods for more than 15 years.

Sample Savory Fundraiser Profit

Cookie Dough, Lava Cakes or Caramel Corn! We make it simple - all items sell for $18.00. There is only a 100 unit minimum order requirement and shipping is FREE!

Tubs SoldYour Profit

  • Multiple Virtual Online Solutions
  • Experienced staff that has run fundraisers as coaches and PTO members, we understand your needs
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Higher-Quality (Better Tasting) Product
  • No middle man - we are the manufacturer
  • Pre-portioned Cookie Dough 2.7 lbs – 48 cookies Cookie Dough Boxes (vs. 2-lbs./36-40 cookies that others offer)
  • Best value and highest product volumes on other items such as caramel corn, pretzels and mini cookies.
  • Free Delivery (with low minimum order)
  • Free Tally Software and Order Submission
  • You Pay Only the Cost of the Product

People have said over and over again that it is truly gourmet. They like it so much because they feel they get their money's worth." - Linda, Academy, Battle Creek, MI

What a wonderful turnout! For the people that ordered the popcorn, I have heard nothing but great comments. Everyone is happy with their orders! Thank you for such fast service and for being with me from the beginning. I am definitely looking forward to doing business with you again. - Melissa, AR

Purchased from a student selling for his school - which I do often to support students. But this purchase was the best - by far. It was delicious. Usually just buy to help out a student, but actually liked this one so much I wrote to ask if it is sold individually. Hope theyll be selling it next year as well. - Dee Z., Cincinnati, OH

PI discovered this popcorn through a fundraiser my daughter did a couple of years ago but since then she has continued to ask about it so now I just order it for her. She loves it! Product is always fresh and you can tell they use quality ingredients. - Mom, Fort Worth, TX

Feel free to read other success stories shared by our prior customers. Or get started if you’re ready to begin.

Allergen Notice: Our products are manufactured in a facility that also produces peanut and treenut products.



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