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"On behalf of the Joliet Spartans, I would like to compliment the exceptional work that Molly Loughran has done the past 5 years. We were a new youth football organization and contacted her as a fundraising idea. She explained everything up front and has done nothing but go out of her way to help us. Bravo to Savory Sweets Fundraising for excellent customer service!! The cookie dough is the best around. We are part of Pop Warner and another cookie company is strongly encouraged, but we will always use Savory Sweets Fundraising thanks to Molly and her great efforts!"

Robynn Fosen, President, Joliet Spartans.

"I just wanted to thank you personally.....for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us out. Sorry we did not have more volunteers and you felt like you had to stay to help. We do have more committee members but they were unable to join us yesterday for whatever reasons. I don't think we could have done it without you there yesterday. I know I was suppose to leave at 2:30 and didn't get out of here until 5:30. But we were able to get things handled. Things got delivered, extras got put away.....and I thank you for making it easier on us. FYI, everything came out to a "T" (everyone's orders were found and filled.) Your support in our fundraisers really mean a lot to us. This is a big money maker for us every year. And we are able to give the employees a free picnic catered by "Smokey Bones" each year because of your line of work. So again I would just like to extend my appreciation out to you and let you know how pleased we are with what you do for us."

Michelle Collier, ERC President

"Just wanted to drop you a note letting you know how successful we were in our cookie dough fund-raiser. I can't believe it but the two week profit from our preschool sales were $3,843.00!! We made this much profit despite the fact the local county fair had just ended and the Boy Scouts and public school had just finished their fund-raisers. (Our goal was $1,500.) I was apprehensive at first (I have put off fund-raising for 15 years!), but yours was by far the easiest to even try and your great reputation helped make the sales. You don't know how much these funds will mean to our program to continue our work and give our students the best education possible. We will be back next year! Many, many thanks!
PS- Just had a pastor from the Chicago area (with local ties) call me this evening requesting information on the fund-raiser and which company we used. I'm sure he will be in touch! Thanks again!"

Julie, Garrett Indiana

"Hi! Just wanted to let you know I recently purchased 3 tubs of cookie dough from a high school fund raiser and I sure wish I could buy your cookie dough in the grocery store!!! It's actually good enough to use for Christmas baking and say they're homemade--chuckle. I hope I run into someone closer to Christmas selling your cookie dough so I can cheat a little. Thanks for a great product!!"


"I am so pleased with the product that I just purchased off of the Cheerleaders--our church is looking for a fundraiser for our Vacation Bible School and this is the thing for us. I have never purchased a prepared cookie dough that has tasted so homemade. The quality of your product is absolutely outstanding and very fair for the price. I am excited to share this product with my friends. I am sure no one will be displeased. You have really outdone yourselves. "

Trina, Waverly Ohio

"The cookie dough (339 tubs) arrived yesterday around 4:00 pm. I have already distribute the tubs to the players and many have been delivered to our customers. Thanks for your help as we raised $1017 in two weeks with twelve players. We will definitely recommend your program to others and also plan on having another fund raiser using Savory foods next season.
Again, Thanks for your help and guidance!!"

Coach Mike

"Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help in this, our first Cookie Dough Fundraiser. Did I tell you that we are raising funds to help our youth go to Denver next year for the international Church of God Youth Convention? So we called this fundraiser "Dough for Denver"!! The man that delivered the dough was GREAT!! Very patient with those of us that did not know what we were doing!! I think he and my husband "bonded"!! So thanks for all your help in the many questions that I had for you, Sue. I would highly recommend this fundraiser to anyone. Thanks again,"

Cindie, Church of God

"Thanks for the great sale. The delivery was simple and easy. The delivery drivers were just angels and very helpful. Thanks again. It was great with my busy schedule to do this whole sale over the internet. Thanks again for your help."

D. Murphy, Linden MI

"I enjoy baking and am a bit of a snob when it comes to prepared cookies and cakes. I always compare the quality to my own, but, I've got to tell you that your cookie dough is the best prepared dough I have ever tried! Your homemade taste and consistency is close to my own that even my family can't tell the difference! Thank you so much for creating such a terrific product. Keep up the good work. "

Mrs. Felise IL

"We just completed our "follow-up" cookie dough fund-raiser, and I think our parents were just as excited the second-time around and they were on the first. And, everyone is looking forward to our fall fund-raiser. I have to say that your delivery man is such a sweetheart! Our delivery time was 8am and he was there 20 minutes early. I arrived 10 minutes early and he had already had the truck nearly unloaded! I told him that if he wants us to help him unload he's gonna have to show-up a little late! Thanks again for another successful fundraiser, and I'll be talking to you soon to set up our fall dates. "

Debbie Joliet

"I purchased a tub of your chocolate chunk pecan and snickerdoodle cookies from my preschool neighbor. I only ordered the cookies to participate in the fund-raising cause and expected to be disappointed when I heard that the product was cookie dough. But I have to say that these are absolutely some of the best cookies I have EVER tasted and I am a chocolate chip cookie fan. I can honestly say that these cookies are as good -if not BETTER than any gourmet cookie that I've tasted, not to mention much more economical. Mrs. Fields, eat your heart out! "

Vickie, Pontiac MI

"Just writing to let you know I think your cookie dough is WONDERFUL! I ordered 3 tubs from someone at work, her son was selling it for his class. It's so handy and the kids even took advantage of it and baked a batch or two. I had never heard of your company until my purchase. Keep on selling. I will be sure to buy again if asked. Thanks for a great product for us working families. "


"Our 7th and 8th Grade Cheerleaders (30 girls) raised over $2400 on a single sale! Already, we are getting phone calls about our next cookie dough sale! Thanks for making fund-raising so easy."

Ric Druse, Cheerleading Coach

"Hi. I just wanted to tell you that my children sold your cookie dough for a fund-raiser at their pre-school back in Nov 98, the first place winner received 1 full week of daycare. Well with the help of my husband and I, we won first place, selling 191 tubs of your wonderful cookie dough. I even had people wanting more because it is so good."


"I consider myself to be a better than average cookie baker, and wasn't too pleased when my husband bought some cookie dough from one of the neighborhood kids. Of all things-cookie dough! Well, she's a sweet little thing so I figured "what's done is done" and baked the darn things. I prejudged you, and I am sorry. (I also apologized to my husband) We had the Chocolate Chunk and Oatmeal Raisin, and believe me, they were every bit as good as mine - and in so much less time. I love baking them because it makes me feel so virtuous, without doing all the measuring and mixing."


"I recently bought two bowls of your cookie dough for a fund-raiser...They (the cookies) almost never made it to the cooling rack. I need more of this cookie dough. These were absolutely THE best cookies I have ever made, or tasted. Even better than Mrs. Fields! And I used to work there! The white chocolate Macadamia nut! To die for!!!"

Jennifer L

"Your cookie dough is easy to sell (especially for those who have tried the product before). We've already had people asking us when we'll be selling it again."

Claudia & Paul ,Soccer, Sterling Heights, MI

"People have said over and over again that it is truly gourmet. They like it so much because they feel they get their money's worth."

Linda, Academy, Battle Creek, MI

"I was so impressed with the people at Savory. I was kind of thrown into our sale at the last minute last year, with little time and information. Our coordinator was not only helpful in setting up the sale, but she actually stayed and helped us out on order day. Thanks to all her help and suggestions, we plan on doubling our profits this year!!"

Michelle, Athletic Association, Grand Rapids, MI

"Hello, I am from Massillon, Ohio and received my cookie dough from Jackson Local Schools. I do believe that it was a 5th grade fund-raiser. It's nice to find that a company really does care and responds to the e-mail they receive; you never know!! Thank YOU for being concerned. Trust me I have heard from almost all that my friend's daughter sold to and they think this is really great stuff!! Keep up the good work!!"

Vanessa, Massillon Ohio

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